Westbourne Primary School

Westbourne Primary School is a place where pupils love to learn, look after each other, have fun and succeed. We are a happy and successful school providing a wealth of opportunities for our children within a stimulating, caring and secure environment.

We have a talented and experience staff, who believe that it is their job to instil a love of learning in our children so they can be the best they can be and become lifelong learners.

We place great value on the development of the whole child and believe everyone should work together to achieve our best. We expect everyone at Westbourne Primary School to show care, respect and responsibility in all our dealings with each other. We want children to skip into school, eager to learn and make progress and leave, at the end of each day, bursting with enthusiasm, excited about extending their learning at home.

potterWe value our partnership with parents and carers, and together we strive to give our children the best possible education and to prepare them for life. We look forward to meeting you and your child and welcoming them to our school.

Stephen Potter


Key Information

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The first school in Westbourne was established in 1819 and was situated in the poor house. Supported by the village, parishioners voted unanimously to allow the schoolmaster to sleep and eat there at parish expense.

By 1835 land was acquired from the Lord of the Manor for a new school which opened in 1846, accommodating 160 pupils. In 1876 it was converted into the girls’ and infants’ school with boys transferring to new premises in School Road at the age of five. Sadly, however, with many parents unable to meet the cost of further education the majority of children left school when they reached 12 years of age. Such was the poverty that during the winter months attendance dropped off due to the defective boots the children wore.  In 1911, the council merged the two schools in Westbourne into one in a new building in River Street. During the war the school tool in over 100 evacuees from Wimbledon.

Westbourne School is thriving and known for its unique family atmosphere. Accommodating 120 pupils aged between 4 and 11 years, it is divided into seven classes incorporating 30 children in each. Following the construction of a new hall, the old one was converted into a classroom, staffroom and library.

For more information about Westbourne Village history, please visit our history section.