The Westbourne Orchard

Welcome to the web page for the Community Orchard to be sited on the new open space next to the new housing area at Hampshire Farm, Westbourne Road, Westbourne.  Established by Greening Westbourne and it is hoped to bring together sponsorship and support from both Emsworth and Westbourne Communities.
Our mission: “To develop a community Orchard that will serve the community as a recreation resource and focus for environmental engagement”

Sponsor scheme launched for community orchard

You can now sponsor a tree at the new community orchard. Applications are open if you want to remember a loved one, or mark a special event.

Since November, Greening Westbourne has planted 16 apple trees on the site, at Hampshire Farm Meadows, near the Redlands Grange housing development. Now people in Westbourne and Emsworth are being invited to adopt one of the trees, or help us buy more. You can remember a family member or mark a special occasion with a tree, and add a dedication plate.

Our goal is to have up to 60 fruit trees on the site, with benches nearby and eventually a regular harvest of apples, pears, plum and apricots. Richard Hitchcock, of Greening Westbourne, said: “The orchard is under way, with the first apples starting to grow, and we now have scheme set up for people to adopt an existing tree or sponsor a new one.

“We’re sure local residents, or anyone with a local connection, will want to sponsor trees in memory of loved ones, as gifts, or just to help us fund the orchard.

“Our idea is to help preserve traditional fruit varieties and help local people, especially children, get a bit closer to the earth. Growing food locally reminds us that it doesn’t always have to be flown thousands of miles across the world.” 

A group of volunteers recruited by Greening Westbourne have been working to get the orchard established. Along with local people, Westbourne’s Beavers, Cubs and Scouts have been helping to plant trees. Local tree surgeon Mike Reed has also being lending his expertise, and Havant Borough Council have supported the project.

It costs £50 to sponsor or adopt a tree, and dedication plates are £30. All money will go into orchard funds, used to buy new trees and maintain the area.

To apply, search Greening Westbourne online and go to the ‘news’ section of the site.

To contact us, email

Adopt/Sponsor a Tree Scheme

In November 2015, Greening Westbourne planted the first eight apple trees in the new community orchard at Hampshire Farm Meadows and, in February 2015, this was followed up with a further eight trees. Within the next couple of years, we hope that these 16 trees will become 50 to 60 and that they may include pear, plum and apricot tees in addition to apple. Not only does this provide the community with a wonderful heritage-variety resource but it also offers you the opportunity to plant a tree as a lasting memorial to a loved one, or to mark a special family event.

We are now in a position to invite members of the local communities or those with local connections to either adopt one of our established trees or sponsor a new tree.  New trees will be planted from October 2016 at regular intervals before winter sets in and in very early spring.  Each planting will be of selected fruit trees and varieties,details of which will be available nearer the time of planting.  

There is no commitment to adopting or sponsoring a tree; however, we would very much welcome the continued support of anyone interested in helping to look after the trees and in the community events we plan for the future.  In the early years, there will be planting and pruning and later the inevitable harvesting of the fruits of our labour.You can dedicate your tree with a small dedication plate, which will be placed on the planned orchard plan.

To adopt or sponsor a tree requires a donation to the orchard fund of £50 and an additional £30 for a dedication plate.Applications are open to individuals, local groups and organisations.

The orchard will be overseen by the community orchard committee, an informal sub group of Greening Westbourne. All decisions relating to the orchard will be made by the committee, who will act to meet any legal or licence requirements and in the best interests of the community. No formal agreement or commitment or rights will exist for anyone applying to this scheme; instead the scheme will rely solely on the goodwill of all participants.

What happens next?

1. To apply to sponsor or adopt a tree please complete the application below and return to 53 Commonside, Westbourne, PO10 8TD – marked “Orchard Group”.

2. The committee will acknowledge receipt of the application by email and provide details of the next planting and a date when all applications will be reviewed.

3. The committee will review all submitted applications and inform the successful applicants and request payment. If a planting is oversubscribed:

i. Time-sensitive applications will have priority. Please attach details to application if applicable.

ii. Remaining applications will be assessed on a first-come, first-served basis.

iii. Unsuccessful applications will have priority on future plantings.

4. Planting details will be forwarded to the applicants.

Any enquiries regarding this scheme should be directed to:

One application per tree please.

Applicant Information  

Please go to: Greening website :


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