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This item is aimed at those unable to visit the village.

The Local History Group has been pleased to assist the Parish Council
in producing and installing an Artwork about Westbourne’s past.

We have added an image of it to our photos section so that there one readily
and permanently available to those further afield.

It has replaced a (not very impressive) informal notice board in a window alcove
of the former bakery by the Co-op.

If passing, the original is even more impressive.


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The History Group’s Exhibition at Emsworth Museum (above the Fire Station) will close on Sunday September 5th. The Exhibition can be seen on Saturday 10.30am – 4.30pm and on Sunday 2.30pm – 4.30pm. Thus the weekend is a last opportunity for viewing if you have not managed it so far.


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Some 15 months later – the repeat of our Parish Hall History Exhibition is to take place at Emsworth Museum (above the Fire Station). Some new photos and material will be on display, in addition to the material that was well received in 2020.

The Exhibition can be seen from July 17th until 5th September on Saturdays and the August Bank Holiday Monday 10.30am – 4.30pm and on Sundays 2.30pm – 4.30pm.

Thus plenty of opportunity for a first viewing if you missed it or a leisurely second look.


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Local History Group Publications are now fully available at the Village Stores, including both of the CD products.

We are also delighted that Nigel Peake has kindly agreed to restart the mail order service.

Full details on the Group’s Publications Page.

The Group’s part of the Village website has been fully updated.
Many great photos have been added with the “Past Photos Gallery” now holding more than 150.
There remain gaps and many opportunities to add information or comment.

New Product from WLHG

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The Local History Group is pleased to announce a new product – a CD (to be) of scans of it’s out-of-print booklets. Full details on the Group’s Publications webpage.

Two could be said to be serious reference works – “The Poor of the Parish” and  “The Westbourne Union”.

“Westbourne Then and Now” is essentially a book of photos contrasting Westbourne’s appearance between 1900 and 1990.

The last is the first booklet produced by the Group, “Trades People” and has been reprinted with additions. It is included for it’s novelty value and because some of the illustrations have changed.

Currently only available at a bargain price by Internet File transfer.


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The History Day went well.

We had lots of visitors, lots of interest and some nice compliments, which made all the hard work worthwhile.

The news is that we have committed to do the show again at Emsworth Museum. This will be for a much longer period thus Group members may not always be available but Query Forms and Museum Stewards will be. The scale may be slightly reduced due to space constraints, but will include as much as we can possibly squeeze in.

The dates are April 4 to 23, at weekends, Easter Monday and St. Georges Day.

Any further details will appear here and on the Emsworth Museum Website as available.