Winter Management Plan

The focus of the Westbourne Winter Management Plan is on maintaining access to the village (buses, deliveries such as heating oil and food, and emergency vehicles) and ensuring that people can move safely about the main areas of the village.


Responsibility for salting and gritting roads and pavements rests with West Sussex County Council (WSCC). However, they have to prioritise when the weather deteriorates, and depend upon local residents to take responsibility for maintaining access within the village. The focus of the Westbourne Winter Management Plan is on maintaining access to the village (buses, deliveries such as heating oil and food, and emergency vehicles) and ensuring that people can move safely about the main areas of the village. Unless volunteers come forward, the Parish Council (as a corporate body) is unable to undertake snow/ice clearance as its only employee is the Clerk and it does not employ any maintenance staff. However, it liaises between residents and WSCC when weather conditions are adverse.

Winter Maintenance Plan Coordinator Active Communities and Rural Team, West Sussex County Council.

Tel.  01243 642105


Advising the Parish Council what additional resources are needed in extreme bad weather. Coordinating receipt of hippo bag salt deliveries around the village. Providing advice on spread rates and identifying problem areas that require clearing/salting/gritting.

Winter Maintenance Plan Owner The Parish Council is responsible for the Plan and its update.

Tel. 01243 696 376 Cllr Roy Briscoe

Copies of plan held by the Coordinator, Parish Clerk, Parish Councillors and WSCC.

West Sussex County Council (Roads) West Sussex County Council treats 1,000 miles of the county’s roads as part of their precautionary salting network.

Priority roads for salting in Westbourne:

Main routes into the village including:

  • East Street
  • Foxbury Lane
  • Monk’s Hill
  • Old Farm Lane
  • The Square
  • Whitechimney Row

WSCC does not undertake any of the following:

  • Hand treat pavements
  • Treat private, third party or non-highway land

The Department for Transport Has provided advice on what individuals can do to help clear pavements and footpaths. See Department for Transport Snow Code.  

Parish Clerk Clare Kennett
Tel. 07775 654 483


To act as a central point of communication between coordinator, Parish Council and WSCC.

To post information on disruption to buses and refuse collection – ideally on a daily basis – on Parish Council noticeboard, community noticeboard and village website.

Parish Map, containing details of potential problem areas Copies held by the Coordinator, Clerk, Parish Councillors, WSCC, and available on the village website.

Problem Areas – Roads

Assumption – that Priority routes identified by WSCC within the Precautionary Salting Network will be gritted.

Areas not gritted by WSCC

Central areas

Byerley Close, Church Road, Church View, Churcher Close, Commonside, Covington Road, Crockford Road, Edgell Road, Ellesmere Orchard, Grebe Road, Harold Road, Homefield Road, King Street, Kingfisher Drive, Lark Way, Lingfield Close, Long Copse Lane, Mallard Way, Mill Road, New Road, North Street, Old Rectory Close, River Street, School Lane, The Grove, Whitley Close, Willow Gardens.

Outlying areas

Marlpit Lane, South Lane, Woodmancote Lane

Areas normally gritted but which are a problem if gritting not carried out:

  • East Street
  • Foxbury Lane
  • Monk’s Hill
  • The Square
  • Whitechimney Row

Problem Areas – Pavement, footpaths Pavements in the Square, East Street and North Street. Outside the Parish Hall, the Coop and the school.

Hippo Salt Bags – No arrangements are currently in place for the delivery of hippo salt bags. This, however, is being looked into.

Other volunteers All residents are asked to adopt good neighbour behaviour.

People who may be able to help with snow clearance Steve Smith,

Woodmancote Agricultural Contractors,

Walnut Trees,
West Sussex
PO10 8QA
Tel. 01243 373953

Communication Publicise plan in Westbourne Magazine, on WPC noticeboard and the Community noticeboard, the village website, giving information on liability, salt spread rates, request for good neighbour behaviour.

Telephone tree

Winter Management Plan Coordinator:

C and ED Rural Team,
West Sussex County Council
Tel.  01243 642105

Mrs Clare Kennett (Clerk)
(07775 654 483)

Cllr Roy Briscoe               Cllr Richard Hitchcock                   Cllr Val Owen

 (01243 696 376)                      (01243 389096)                     (01243 373382)


Cllr Piers Mason                          Cllr Piers Mason                      Cllr Piers Mason

Cllr Colin Hayter                          Cllr Colin Hayter                      Cllr Colin Hayter

Cllr Kevin Turvey                         Cllr Kevin Turvey                     Cllr Kevin Turvey

Cllr Nigel Ricketts                        Cllr Nigel Ricketts                   Cllr Nigel Ricketts

Contact numbers on the Parish Council notice board in The Square, in the Westbourne Magazine and on the Village Website