Parish Council

The Parish Council are a group of elected or co-opted local residents who seek to make the Parish a better place for you. They are supported by the Parish Clerk, who is the Council’s representative and point of contact.

The Parish Council’s work may be summarised as:

Representing the views of the Parish

Whilst the Parish Council is limited in the decisions it can make it is often consulted with or puts forward representations on a wide range of local issues, for example transport, rural needs planning, national park issues and policing.

Helping you

The Parish Council may not be able to deal directly with the issue which concerns you,  but the Council does help by putting you in touch with the local agency, whether District or County Council, who can deal with your issue. The Council does try and assist groups and individuals by making them aware of opportunities to be involved in the local communicate, such as grant availability and supporting the Greening Campaign.


The Parish Council is a forum for discussion on local issues. The Parish Council is often attended by your District Councillor, County Councillor and Police Community Support Office, who are there to represent a report and answer your questions. The Parish Council have recently changed the format of its meeting to encourage discussion, so the Council is better aware of your views and able to communicate them.


The Parish Council is responsible for running a few local amenities such as the Cemetery (jointly with Southbourne), the recreational areas at Mill Road and Monks Hill and some lighting. The Council prepares local plans such as emergency flood risk information. The Parish Council seeks grants and funding to directly improve the locality such as improving play equipment at Mill Road, finger post renovation and park seats. Whilst this is a small part of the role of the Parish Council, this can be the most time consuming.

Elections to the Parish Council will take place in May, so join in and make a difference.

More information on the Council is available on Parish noticeboards. Election material is available from Chichester District Council.

Parish Councillors

Mr Roy Briscoe
Bumble Bee Cottage
Duffield Lane
PO10 8PZ
T: 01243 696376

Mrs Sarah Miles
Harwood, Cemetery Lane
PO10 8QA
T: 07888 399031

Mr Richard Hitchcock (Chair)
7 Oakmeadow Close
PO10 7RL
01243 389096     

Mr Piers Mason
Willow Barn, Mill Lane
PO10 8RA
T: 01243 377977

Mrs Val Owen
9 Old Rectory Close
PO10 8UB
T: 01243 373382

Mr Nigel Ricketts
Kilronan, 62 Commonside
PO10 8TD
T: 01243 371865

Mr Mark Wood
Mount Pleasant Cottage
Hambrook Hill North
PO18 8UQ

West Sussex County Councillor
Councillor Sandra James
Knapp House, Steels Lane
PO18 8RA
T: 01243 572533

Chichester District Councillor
Councillor Mark Dunn
PO18 9JP
T: 01243 535202

Clerk to the Parish Council
Mrs Clare Kennett
53 Skylark Avenue
PO10 7GB
T: 07775654483